Social Media Skills & Experience

Skills Summary


  • Utilizing social media tools such as Google Analytics, Tweriod, Hootsuite and Buffer to determine peak times for scheduling and sharing content, while also tracking effectiveness

Search Engine Optimization

  • Analyzing commonly used keywords to create attractive headlines
  • Strategically hyperlinking content within articles, while securing quality links from outside partners

Community Management

  • Managing day-to-day communication with consumers for several social media communities
  • Interacting via social media platforms with comments, retweets and favorites
  • Monitoring platforms for inappropriate content inconsistent with company’s voice and mission

Content Creation

  • Creation of over 2,000 articles, generating nearly 5 million page views across platforms and companies
  • Published original articles on Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report and FanSided, some of which were also featured on MLB Trade Rumors and

Social Media Platform Experience


  • Researching peak site traffic times to target tweets and maximize shares, while remaining consistent with the company’s voice and mission
  • Utilizing appropriate media (images, Vines, video) to capture consumer attention and amplify content
  • Balancing product promotion and related in-depth content to offer a variety of value


  • Crafting viral content that directs the consumer to actively engage with company websites
  • Maximizing organic post reach while remaining mindful of search engine optimization
  • Using Reddit to predict potential viral media campaigns


  • Determining what type of post creates maximal consumer engagement
  • Utilizing LinkedIn Pulse to publish content, drive traffic to company site and encourage business-to-business connections


  • Providing day-to-day account management while also strategically building an audience.
  • Ensuring that each post made is done at the peak time for projected audiences and is as pleasing to the eye as possible.


  • Providing account management to share current and real-time content to encourage consumer interaction

Professional Experience

FanDuel, Sportswriter                                                                                                              June 2014-present

Speaker Launcher, Social Media Manager                                                                        Feb. 2015-present

Campus Sports, Social Media Director                                                                               Nov. 2014-April 2015

Sports Injury Alert/Sports Rumor Alert, Social Media Manager                                 Aug. 2014-Feb. 2015

Bleacher Report, Featured Columnist                                                                                Nov. 2013-May 2014

Yahoo! Sports, New York Mets Contributor                                                                       April 2013-Feb. 2014

Rising Apple, Senior Editor                                                                                                      April 2012-April 2013


Masters in Sports Management, American Public University                                     Aug. 2011

Bachelors of Science, Sports Management, Sacred Heart University                      May 2009


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