Managing Facebook Pages: Not as Easy as People Make it Sound


Managing the Facebook page for your business has changed drastically in recent years. The layout and language has changed, but so has the organic reach. That in itself has made it very difficult to use Facebook as an advertising vehicle without paying to promote posts and/or pages.

But that hasn’t stopped plenty of social media sites and blogs from convincing people they can command a large audience by solely being active.

If you have a Facebook page for your business or blog, it’s important to stay consistently active. However, getting the type of engagement you were accustomed to getting a few years ago is a thing of the past — unless you’re willing to make some concessions.

I read an article on Post Planner recently about how people can crush it on Facebook by sacrificing just five minutes a day throughout the course of a week. Sounds too good to be true, right? With that type of enticing title, I had no choice but to see what these tips were.

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7 Infographics Explaining the Importance of Social Media

We’ve already talked about why being active on social media is important to the overall health of your business. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how often you hear it, though. You want the facts to explain why spending precious time throughout the day on things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is actually useful.

Is there any better way to display that than with infographics? Probably not. Such is life in social media, infographics are a wonderful way to consume a lot of data in a short amount of time.

So, why should you be exerting effort on social media strategies? Let these seven infographics do all the explaining.

1. A lot of information is shared daily on the internet

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Don’t Give up on Your Side Business Just Yet

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Having professional and financial freedom is attractive to virtually everyone. Who doesn’t want to be free and work for themselves? That’s why starting a side business, side gig, side hustle — whatever you want to call it — is so popular.

The advances of modern technology and social media allows people to run countless types of businesses from the comfort of a person’s home. If starting a side hustle now eventually brings that freedom many desire, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because it’s hard work.

Being a full-time entrepreneur is what everyone with an idea would like to do, but it’s risky if you must start making money right away — especially if there are other responsibilities (student or car loan debt, a family to support, etc).

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6 Ways to Gain and Keep Your Followers on Twitter


Unlike Facebook and the dilemma that is decreased organic reach for business pages, it’s much easier to gain followers on Twitter without spending on advertising. However, it can be challenging to keep these new people around.

Do you continually get notifications regarding new followers, but your follower count never seems to increase? You’re not alone. Here are six simple ways to not only gain more followers on Twitter, but to keep them around for the long haul.

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Posting to Social Media: Be Different When Giving Live Updates

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.35.54 PM

One of the coolest things about social media is we can follow any kind of event wherever we are. Being in front of a television or radio isn’t the only way to remain in the loop with a favorite sports team or a major announcement.

As long as you’re logged on to Facebook and/or Twitter, every detail about anything known to man can be found. Following your favorite team while being unable to actually watch them live is a huge benefit to big sports fans who constantly crave news and action.

Being a former Mets blogger, it was crucial for me to continually know what’s going on with New York. Everyday life didn’t allow me to sit down and watch all Mets games — although I hope one day it will. However, following score alerts and certain beat reporters gave me all the information I needed to remain in the know.

There are countless numbers of reporters tweeting out updates such as this one from Adam Rubin of ESPN New York Sunday afternoon during the Mets game:

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