About Matt

220d48cMy social media and blogging career started like many others – with a really small audience while not truly knowing what I was doing.

When I wrote the first baseball article on my personal blog almost four years ago, I just wanted to find a hobby outside of work to keep me busy. Now, over 2,000 articles and nearly five million page views later, it’s turned into a career.

Instead of resisting the changes in technology, I’ve found ways to use them to my advantage and strategically leverage my work. Without the existence of social media, there’s no way I would’ve experienced this much success in such a short period of time.

Along with gaining valuable writing and editing experience over the years, I’ve had the privilege of managing the social media voice and mission for various websites, such as Rising Apple, Mets Minors and my first client – myself.

For every business owner, the social media goal is the same – to expand their digital footprint without spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising. The problem is they don’t know where to start.

I’ve worked with clients from all different types of industries, and my message is the same. Whether you have a business based in health, sports, professional speaking or something else, it’s about working smarter and centralizing your efforts around peak sharing times, not harder and around the clock.

Whenever you post something, the hope is that it’ll get shared. I want to show you how to streamline your efforts so there is a concrete plan in place and those posts or tweets get maximum exposure every single time.

In less than a year, I’ve helped streamline social media strategies of many clients, and they’ve seen their collective followings increase by nearly 6,000 without the usage of paid advertising. Daily engagement has also skyrocketed. They didn’t change what they were saying, just how they were doing it.

That’s the kind of success and experience I want to share to take your business to the next level.


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