Motivational Monday Quote From Rocky Balboa

Heading back to work on a Monday stinks, but it’s even tougher after a long holiday weekend. It’s officially December, meaning Christmas is less than a month away and 2015 is one flip of the calendar from being a reality.

Whether you’re making progress on certain goals or things aren’t moving as quickly as originally anticipated, now is no time to stop. There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish tasks, but don’t let negative thoughts stand in the way of being productive.

Rocky Balboa wasn’t known for being the most intelligent person, but he had a number of quotes that can motivate anybody to keep working hard.

photoNobody’s rise to the top is easy. There will be times when it seems impossible because reality constantly keeps knocking you down along the way.

It happened to Rocky, and he persevered. Sure, he’s just a movie character, but it makes a lot of sense.

Just remember that taking the hits is part of getting to the top. If it was easy, there would be more people hanging out at the summit once you get there.

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