9 Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Right Now


If you have a small business or a blog, chances are you have a Facebook page. Having it exist is useful because you can stay connected with clients on a constant basis, but growing your following is easier said than done.

Here are nine simple things you can start doing right now to help you grow your Facebook following.

9. Knowing the right times to post

This goes back to our earlier discussion with regard to Twitter. If you’re secured in your niche, you have a good idea of the most popular times to post. If you’re a sports blogger, engagement and interaction is highest during games. If you’re a health blogger, your engagement is higher around the typical “meal times.”

According to Buffer, Facebook engagement and interaction is 18 percent higher on Thursdays and Fridays. Keep in mind you’ll also be fighting with other blogs and/or businesses during those peak times. Don’t be afraid to post at off-peak times, when competition isn’t as tough.

If you post late at night or early in the morning, there’s a good chance you’ll be at the top of someone’s newsfeed when they check Facebook for the first time.

8. Accompany your posts with pictures

This is all about catching someone’s eye. Facebook posts including pictures get 39 percent more interaction than posts without pictures. Think about how you consume Facebook and what you look at. Take notice to what you’re drawn in by. Are most of them pictures?

Your goal is to attract people with the same thoughts and interests as you. If something catches your eye, there’s a good chance the people who like your page will think the same thing.

7. Offer inspiration to your followers

There’s a lot of negativity out there. Even in a Facebook newsfeed, bad news can creep in more than we’d like. Whatever your niche is — a sport/team, health, beauty or some kind of small business — people enjoy being inspired.

It can be something as small as a simple inspirational quote or you encouraging them to challenge themselves by being better than they were the day before.

The more a person can can relate to a post, the probably of them sharing it increases. To figure out what kind of posts have the best share potential, you need to ask yourself, “What would I want to share with my friends if I saw it?”

6. Share posts from more popular pages

Your goal is to be the one-stop shop for everything in your niche, but that’s hard to accomplish. When a more popular page posts a fantastic tip, quote or statistic, don’t be afraid to also share it on your page. Followers will notice you take the time to post your original content, as well as the best from other trusted sources to your page.

When there is a lot of shares for a popular post, people look at who shares it. They will be intrigued by your page and at least take a look, which could end with them liking it. This practice will put your page in front of a wider audience and yield new followers for content you don’t even create!

5. Post something you know your followers will share

This plays off #7, but it’s importance shouldn’t be overlooked without further detail. Obviously, you’re hoping followers will like and share every post you make. I don’t think anyone wants whatever they publish on Facebook goes unnoticed.

In addition to asking yourself the question in #7, objectively look at your lead-in. If you’re posting an original article, don’t give away all the facts in the post — then they won’t click! Tease them with something, forcing them to click and see what you’re talking about.

Even if you give away a crucial part of your article in the title for SEO purposes, Facebook allows you to edit the title and picture in the link, if you’d like to — without affecting the URL.

4. Post shocking statistics in relation to your niche

A “shocking” statistic can mean so many things. It all varies on your niche. If you’re blogging about a sports team, sharing an amazing statistic or record will surely get shared. Unique in-game tweets are one of the most effective.

For example, if the baseball team you cover scores five runs in the top of the first, saying “Team X is now on pace to win 45-0 tonight” will make your followers giddy, especially if it’s against a rival. Birthdays, little-known facts and even asking questions to start debates will all spur followers to interact with you.

The post just needs to be presented properly so it catches their eye.

3. Utilize Facebook advertising

People want to avoid spending money to increase their interaction and reach on Facebook, but sometimes it’s necessary. How many Facebook pages are out there? Now think about how many are in the niche consisting of your competition.

It’s a lot, isn’t it?

It’s hard to make your mark quickly because of the sheer amount of competition. Accelerating it with Facebook ads can help. Big businesses put a lot of time and money into marketing/advertising for it to work, so it’s worth serious consideration for your venture.

Depending on current reach, spending as little as $10-20 can put either your page or a specific post in front of thousands more people. It also allows you to target exactly who these people are. Do you have a post that mothers between the ages of 30-40 in the Tri-State area will relate to the most? You can target the post directly to them. This increases the likelihood of it being shared, getting your content in front of even more people than Facebook originally projects.

2. Ask your followers what they’d like to see

You’re providing a service to our customers. The success of your business depends on the demand. Don’t be afraid to ask current followers what they’d like to see more of and what they’d like to see less of.

Asking what they want shows you actually care about not wasting their time. The responses you receive will result in more shareable posts, eventually increasing your outreach by working smarter, not harder.

It’s weird asking your followers what they want, but don’t be afraid to. That’s exactly what some of them are waiting for. To them, you’re the expert — they may not speak up until you force them to!

1. Include calls to action everywhere

And I mean everywhere. In your email signature, personal Facebook, Twitter, taglines in blog articles, website — anywhere you can think of.

But don’t be like everyone else with a link or a button that only says “Hey, like my page!” That’s not a good enough reason for someone to take those two seconds and like your page. People are finicky when it comes to internet browsing.

Approximately 35 percent of people like a Facebook page so they can participate in a contest, while 42 percent like a page for some kind of discount or coupon. When asking someone to like your Facebook page, make it sound like they’ll be missing out on being in an exclusive club by not joining.

Do you have certain tactics that have led to an increase in Facebook followers?

Please feel free to take a look at how I can help you take your social media game to the next level. Follow me on Twitter: @mmusico8.

The post 9 Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Right Now originally appeared on Matthew Musico, M.S.


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