Social Media Strategy: Offer Unique Value Across All Platforms








Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Google+. Pinterest. Snapchat. Foursquare. Tumblr.

I could go on, but you get the picture. People enjoy lots of different social media services, and do so rather consistently.

As recently as September 2014, Pew Research Center indicates that 74 percent of all online adults are also on various social networking sites. To break it down further, check out these stats (courtesy of Pew Research Center):

  • 71 percent use Facebook
  • 23 percent use Twitter
  • 26 percent use Instagram
  • 28 percent use Pinterest
  • 28 percent use LinkedIn

Usage among young adults has also increased dramatically since 2005. In less than a decade, social media usage in people aged 18-29 has jumped from eight percent to over 90 percent.

What’s my point? Whether you own a business or simply work as an employee, virtually every company has a social media presence because of the obvious opportunities for exposure.

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Be Mindful of These 6 Social Media Mistakes


The world of social media has drastically altered how we live our lives. It used to be a cool way to connect with old friends and chat with people on the other side of the world with similar interests.

Now, it’s a way for others to judge someone’s character and personality before even meeting them.

There’s a great article recently published on Refinery 29 that talks about six social media mistakes to avoid when job hunting, and here they are:

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Motivational Monday Quote From Rocky Balboa

Heading back to work on a Monday stinks, but it’s even tougher after a long holiday weekend. It’s officially December, meaning Christmas is less than a month away and 2015 is one flip of the calendar from being a reality.

Whether you’re making progress on certain goals or things aren’t moving as quickly as originally anticipated, now is no time to stop. There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish tasks, but don’t let negative thoughts stand in the way of being productive.

Rocky Balboa wasn’t known for being the most intelligent person, but he had a number of quotes that can motivate anybody to keep working hard.

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Social Media Productivity: Businesses Don’t Respond to 95% of Facebook Posts


That seems pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? Businesses create social media pages to connect with customers in more ways than before, not ignore them. However, that’s what Scott Ayres of Post Planner has found out.

What’s behind this shocking statistic? Facebook page administrators aren’t responding to messages posted on their wall for a number of reasons. Managing pages with a large following makes spammy posts virtually inevitable — others will always want to use your page as leverage for their own initiative.

Small business owners simply don’t have enough time to give everyone the attention they deserve. While that’s understandable, it’s still not OK. Each interaction is a potential lead, and should be treated with the utmost attention.

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